Mirka DEROS 5650CV Detailed Review [2023]

The Mirka DEROS 5650CV is a powerful and versatile random orbital sander designed for professional use. With a 350W motor, it has plenty of power to tackle demanding sanding jobs with ease. In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features, performance, ergonomics and more of the Mirka DEROS 5650CV to see if it lives up to its reputation as one of the best electric sanders on the market.

Overview of the Mirka DEROS 5650CV Sander

The Mirka DEROS 5650CV is part of Mirka’s highly-regarded DEROS electric sander range. It’s designed to deliver low vibration, a smooth finish and high performance thanks to features like:

  • 350W motor – Provides ample power for fast stock removal and efficient sanding even on hard woods.
  • 4000-10000 RPM speed range – Variable speed allows you to fine tune the sander for different materials and tasks.
  • 5mm orbital stroke – Combined with the random orbital action, this enables smooth, swirl-free sanding.
  • Mirka Abranet Ace sanding discs – The open weave abrasives prevent clogging and ensure a constant sanding pattern.
  • Central vacuum compatibility – For dust-free sanding when used with a CT vacuum system.
  • Ergonomic grip – Promotes low vibration and reduced strain during prolonged use.
  • 1kg weight – Lightweight enough for overhead work yet retains stability.
  • EU plug type – Can be used with European outlets.

With best-in-class performance, low vibration and extensive accessories, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV suits professional workshops, job sites and discerning DIYers looking for a high-end random orbital sander.

Power and Performance

When it comes to power, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV delivers in spades thanks to its 350W motor. This puts it right up there with top orbital sanders from other leading brands like Festool and Bosch.

The 350W motor provides ample muscle for rapid stock removal when you need to flatten or distress timber, remove paint or varnish, or blend wood repairs. Even on dense hardwoods, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV makes light work of material removal thanks to the aggressive 5mm orbit combined with high motor power.

The variable speed control that adjusts from 4000 to 10000 RPM is another big plus. This allows you to fine tune the orbital sander based on the material, grit and task at hand. For example, higher speeds help rip through material faster while lower RPMs are ideal for final finishing work. Compared to single speed sanders, having such a broad speed range makes the DEROS 5650CV far more adaptable.

An electronic speed control maintains constant speed even when under load, preventing bogging down. Soft start further enhances control by gradually ramping up the speed when you first pull the trigger. All of this translates to superb performance for demanding sanding applications.

Low Vibration

A major design focus for Mirka is reducing vibration on their sanders. All that power would be wasted if the sander was overly vibey and difficult to control.

Mirka has done an exceptional job of taming vibration on the DEROS 5650CV. The 3.4m/s2 vibration level is very low for such a powerful sander, thanks to the symmetric design, die cast aluminum gear housing and effective vibration dampening.

You can use this sander for extended periods without numbing hands or tiring prematurely. Low vibration reduces the risk of long term issues like white finger syndrome. It also gives you better control over the sanding process for more consistent, swirl-free results.

Ergonomic Grip Design

Adding to the low vibration and comfort is the ergonomic grip design. It provides a very natural, relaxed hand position that makes the sander feel like an extension of your arm.

The slender profile and textured rubber grip fit your hand nicely. A big improvement over older stick style grips. The top of the housing has a flat section that acts as a convenient hand rest when using different grip positions.

At just 1kg in weight, the DEROS 5650CV is light enough for prolonged overhead sanding without quickly tiring. Yet it still retains sufficient mass to remain stable and under control. Finding the right balance of weight for both comfort and performance isn’t easy, but Mirka have nailed it with this sander.

Overall, the ergonomics and low vibration make this one of the most comfortable sanders you can use for long periods. It allows you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than fighting a poorly balanced sander.

Dust Collection

An essential part of achieving a flawless sanded surface is effective dust extraction. The Mirka DEROS 5650CV comes fitted with a dust port that works with a regular shop vacuum.

Better still, it’s centrally located and directs dust away from the workpiece. This helps keep both the abrasive and workpiece clear of dust that can otherwise mar the surface.

For even cleaner results, the sander can be easily hooked up to a central CT dust extractor like the Mirka CEROS. This provides powerful automated dust collection right at the source for near dust-free operation. No more coughing on fine dust or wiping down the workpiece between passes.

Smooth Mirka Abranet Sanding Discs

The open weave, mesh construction of Mirka’s Abranet sanding discs prevent clogging. This ensures optimal dust extraction and a long lasting, consistent sanding pattern compared to paper discs that quickly clog and cause irregular scratch patterns.

Abranet discs come in grits from P80 to P1000, providing the full range needed for all stages of sanding from aggressive stock removal through to fine finishing.

Mirka’s Abranet Ace discs supplied with the DEROS 5650CV take the performance even further. The aramid fiber backing withstands high sanding speeds and resists fraying.

Combined with the perforated, clog-resistant pattern, Abranet Ace discs provide superb smoothness and finish while reducing unnecessary swirl marks and other surface imperfections. They make it easier than ever to achieve perfectly smooth sanded surfaces with minimal rework.

A Versatile Sander for Many Applications

With its extensive feature set and excellent ergonomics, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV proves to be a highly versatile sander capable of tackling a diverse range of projects.

It’s a great choice for demanding woodworking jobs like flattening cutting boards, distressing lumber, smoothing carved furniture, removing old finish or veneer, and applying stain and other prep work prior to spraying lacquer.

The ample power also suits metal working tasks like deburring, surface prep, removing rust and smoothing welds. With the right discs, it can be used to sand composites and plastics as well. And it’s a great option for automotive work like stripping paint, keying surfaces and smoothing body filler.

For pros working on varied projects, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV provides an excellent single sander solution rather than needing dedicated models just for wood or metal work. It’s versatility also appeals to hobbyists that only want to invest in one high performance sander.

Low Maintenance

Mirka sanders are engineered for reliability and low maintenance. The brushless motor eliminates motor brushes that wear out over time.

Sealed bearings and effective labyrinth seals on the eccentric housing keep dust and debris out. This allows the precision moving components to operate smoothly for years of dependable service.

With basic care and maintenance like regular motor cleaning, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV will deliver many years of productivity. It’s a sander built to handle constant daily use in a professional environment.

Great Accessories

One advantage of buying into the Mirka ecosystem is the huge range of accessories available. From varied grits of Abranet discs to pads, interface pads and plates to dust extraction accessories, you can really tailor the sander to your specific needs.

The DEROS 5650CV comes supplied as standard with a hard plastic case and power cord. Helpful touches when transporting the sander.

Some of the most useful accessories include:

  • Interface pads – Allow use of standard sandpaper rolls and sheets.
  • Soft interface pads – Provide compliance when sanding contoured surfaces.
  • 150mm pads – Alternative pad sizes for specific tasks.
  • Extension bars – For hand sanding control in hard to reach areas.
  • Hose kits – For connecting to dust extractors.

With authentic Mirka accessories available for the DEROS range, you can truly customize the sander to suit any application.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Although it delivers outstanding performance in most regards, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV isn’t perfect.

It carries a premium price tag typical of high end Mirka power tools. Casual users may find more affordable orbital sanders better value for money.

The proprietary hook and loop backing on Abranet discs locks you into buying Mirka consumables. While Abranet discs are very good, it limits flexibility compared to models that accept any brand of hook and loop discs.

At 71dB noise output, it’s reasonably loud and hearing protection is recommended for prolonged use. Some competing models from Festool and others run quieter.

Finally, being a specialized electric sander, it’s not as multifunctional as oscillating multi-tools that can sand as one of many duties.

These minor drawbacks aside, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV remains a top performing and very refined orbital sander that excels in both professional workshops and home shops.

Recommended Use Cases

Based on its combination of power, ergonomics and versatile performance, here are some of the most suitable applications for the Mirka DEROS 5650CV:

  • Fine woodworking – For flawless surfaces on furniture, cabinets, cutting boards, carvings etc.
  • Wood turning and carving – Smoothing and refining lathe workpieces and sculptures.
  • Guitar building and repair – Shaping, distressing and finishing guitar bodies.
  • Automotive restoration – Ideal flexibility for paint removal, finishing body filler, smoothing metal panels.
  • Metal fabrication – Smoothing welds, removing blemishes, surface prep for painting.
  • Marine – Sanding boat hulls, decks and components.

If you work on projects like these, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV is sure to make your sanding tasks easier and the results better.

Mirka DEROS 650CV Model

Mirka also offers a higher powered 650W version of this sander called the DEROS 650CV. It provides even more muscle for extreme stock removal and industrial grade sanding duties.

The 650CV differs in the following ways:

  • More powerful 650W motor vs 350W on the 5650CV.
  • Higher max speed of 10000 RPM.
  • Heavier 1.6kg weight.
  • Higher 74dB noise level.
  • Increased vibration of 4.4m/s2.

Otherwise the features and performance are very similar to the 5650CV. The 650CV caters more towards constant daily professional use where extreme power trumps refinement. While the 5650CV offers ample strength in a lighter, smoother and quieter package ideal for finer work.

Check the detailed review of Mirka DEROS 650CV and also I have compared both models here Mirka DEROS 650CV vs 5650CV

Conclusion – A Superb Sander for Professionals

After extensively testing and reviewing the Mirka DEROS 5650CV, it’s clear this orbital sander inhabits the upper echelon of its class. The combination of ample power, versatile performance, effective dust collection and comfortable ergonomics make it a sander capable of handling the toughest pro woodworking, automotive and fabrication tasks.

While the premium pricing puts it out of reach for some buyers, for professional shops where a sander gets constant daily use, the DEROS 5650CV is worth every penny. Modern features like electronic speed control, low vibration and integrated dust extraction result in sanding outcomes not possible with older technology.

For those that rely on a sander day in, day out for flawless results under pressure, the Mirka DEROS 5650CV represents one of the best investments you can make in productivity, efficiency and surface quality. If your projects demand the very best, this is the orbital sander to get.