Mirka DEROS 650CV vs 5650CV: A Detailed Comparison

The Mirka DEROS 650CV and 5650CV are both popular random orbital sanders from Mirka’s DEROS line. While they share many similarities, there are some key differences that users should understand before deciding which model is best for their needs. This in-depth comparison covers all the major features and specifications of the 650CV and 5650CV.

Overview of the Mirka DEROS Line

The Mirka DEROS electric sanders are designed to deliver high performance, efficiency, and ergonomics. The DEROS name stands for Direct Electric Random Orbit Sander. Some key features of the DEROS line include:

  • Brushless motor technology for high power and efficiency
  • Low vibration levels for reduced fatigue
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Efficient dust extraction system
  • Durable construction

The DEROS is available in several sizes – 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm pad diameters. The 650CV and 5650CV both use 150mm pads.

Overview of the Mirka DEROS Sanders

The Mirka DEROS 650CV and 5650CV are both lightweight, low profile random orbital sanders designed for professional use. Here is a quick overview of their specifications:

Mirka DEROS 650CV

  • Power input: 350W
  • Speed: 4000 – 10000 rpm
  • Orbit: 5mm
  • Pad size: 150mm
  • Weight: 1.07kg
  • Noise level: 71 dB
  • Vibration level: 3.4 m/s2
  • Central vacuum ready
  • Includes 150mm pad

Mirka DEROS 5650CV

  • Max speed: 10000 rpm
  • Min speed: 4000 rpm
  • Noise level: 71 dB
  • Orbit: Random
  • Pad size: 150mm
  • Power input: 350W
  • Vibration level: 3.4 m/s2
  • Central vacuum ready
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

As you can see, on paper the specifications are very similar. The key differences lie in the 5650CV’s connectivity features and lack of included accessories. We’ll explore the impacts of these differences throughout this article.

Power and Speed

The 650CV and 5650CV have similar power and speed capabilities:

  • Power input: 350W on both models
  • Speed range: 4000-10000 rpm on both

The dust-proof brushless motor provides high suction power for efficient dust pickup. Electronic speed control allows users to match the speed to the application.

Both sanders deliver ample power and a wide speed range for versatility across various sanding applications from coarse to fine finishing.

Size and Ergonomics

In terms of size and ergonomics, the 650CV and 5650CV are nearly identical:

  • 150mm pad size
  • Compact and lightweight design – 1kg weight
  • Slim body profile – only 47mm thick
  • Ergonomic grip design

The small size and low weight make the sanders comfortable to handle and reduces fatigue during extended use. The grip fits nicely in the hand.

Users can work comfortably with these sanders even in tight spaces or overhead. The size and ergonomics are ideal for both heavy-duty sanding and fine finishing work.

Low Vibration

A major common feature between the 650CV and 5650CV is the advanced vibration reduction:

  • Mirka advertises vibration levels of only 3.4 m/s2

This is an extremely low vibration level that significantly reduces strain on the hands and arms during use.

The low vibration is achieved through a combination of the brushless motor design, optimized gearing, and effective isolation of vibration in the housing.

Users can sand comfortably for longer periods without numbness or fatigue in the hands. The low vibration makes a dramatic difference in ergonomics.

Dust Extraction

The 650CV and 5650CV both utilize Mirka’s vacuum dust extraction system:

  • Central vacuum ready
  • Accepts standard Mirka hoses

When connected to a vacuum, the sander extracts dust efficiently and keeps the work area cleaner. Dust is channeled directly to the vacuum without recirculating around the sander.

Using a vacuum system improves finish quality by removing swarf and also benefits user health by reducing airborne dust.

Orbit Sanding Action

The random orbital action is identical on the 650CV and 5650CV:

  • 5mm orbit diameter
  • High 12,000 orbits per minute

This provides a smooth, swirl-free sanding pattern. The random orbit combines rotational and oscillating movement to deliver fast stock removal without leaving distinct swirl marks.

The high orbit speed enables a very fine finish when paired with fine grit abrasives. The random orbit mechanism is maintenance-free with no gears or linkages.

Abrasives Compatibility

Both sanders are designed to use Mirka’s 150mm 5-hole abrasives:

  • Use Mirka’s 150mm 5-hole discs
  • Compatible with a wide range of grits
  • Abranet, Abranet Ace, Autonet, Abralon discs/rolls

This provides endless options for pairing the sander with different abrasives for specific applications – from aggressive 36 grit to microfinishing films up to 10,000 grit.

Using matching Mirka abrasives ensures optimal dust extraction and sanding performance. The easy disc change system allows quick abrasive changes.

Pad Brake

An important distinction is that the 5650CV adds a pad brake feature not found on the 650CV:

  • Pad brake engages when sander is off
  • Prevents pad rotation after power off

The pad brake eliminates pad spin out or “freewheeling” when the sander is powered down. This improves safety and control.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The 5650CV also introduces Bluetooth connectivity, allowing integration with the myMirka app:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Connects to myMirka app
  • Track sanding usage and abrasives

This lets users monitor data on their sanding work, optimize abrasive usage, and document the process. The connectivity brings “smart” technology to the sander.

The 650CV lacks Bluetooth integration.

Onboard Controls

Both sanders provide easy fingertip control through onboard buttons:

  • Power on/off
  • Speed +/- adjustment
  • Service indicator light

The intuitive controls allow users to turn the sander on/off and dial in the ideal speed for the job without external controllers.


The available voltages differ slightly between the models:

  • 650CV: 100-120V
  • 5650CV: 220-240V

The 650CV accommodates the standard power in the Americas while the 5650CV is optimized for Europe.

Users should select the appropriate voltage for their electrical system.

Sanding Applications

Due to their shared size and power, the 650CV and 5650CV can be used for very similar sanding applications including:

Typical uses:

  • Sanding body filler and primer
  • Fine automotive sanding
  • Wood finishing
  • Tight spots on furniture and cabinets
  • Drywall sanding
  • Metal fabrication
  • Composites

The 650CV may have a slight edge for:

  • Removing stubborn paint defects
  • Leveling small imperfections

The 5650CV may be better for:

  • Broad surface sanding
  • Quicker finish sanding of wood or metal

But both models can tackle a wide variety of materials and applications. Their compact size, dust extraction, and ample power make them versatile for professional workshops or job site use.

Pick the model that best suits your typical sanding needs. For a balance of power and finish quality, the 5650CV is likely the more universal choice.

Sanding Accessories

Both sanders are compatible with:

  • Mirka Abranet sanding discs
  • 150mm interface pads
  • dust extractor hoses

The 650CV includes:

  • 150mm Abranet Ace pad (8292605011)

So you’re ready to start sanding out of the box.

The 5650CV does not include accessories.

You’ll need to purchase:

  • 150mm interface pad
  • Abranet discs
  • potentially a hose

This adds to your upfront cost and setup time. But you can choose exactly the accessories you want rather than relying on the included pad.

Connectivity and Monitoring

A key feature of the 5650CV is built-in Bluetooth connectivity and integration with the myMirka® app.

This allows:

  • Monitoring sanding usage data
  • Customizing speed settings
  • Selecting stored configurations
  • Tracking service needs

For professional shopsdoing repetitive sanding jobs, the app integration can optimize efficiency.

The 650CV lacks any connectivity capabilities. It provides the core sanding functionality without the “smart” features.

Price Considerations

As Mirka’s flagship connected sander, the 5650CV carries about a 15% higher retail price than the 650CV.

But when factoring in accessories:

  • The 650CV includes an interface pad worth $20-30.
  • The 5650CV requires purchasing a pad and potentially other accessories.

This helps offset some of the price premium of the 5650CV.

For commercial shops, the app integration may help maximize worker productivity and efficiency. This can justify the higher investment in the 5650CV.

For more casual users, the 650CV provides most core features at a lower price point.


Both sanders come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. This provides peace of mind for your purchase.

Make sure to buy from authorized Mirka dealers to receive the full warranty coverage. Avoid non-authorized resellers who may offer reduced coverage.

650CV vs 5650CV Comparison Chart

Here is a summary of the key specifications and differences between the two models:

FeatureMirka DEROS 650CVMirka DEROS 5650CV
Speed Range4000-10000 rpm4000-10000 rpm
Orbital Stroke5mm5mm
Pad Size150mm150mm
Vibration Level3.4 m/s23.4 m/s2
Dust ExtractionCentral vacuum readyCentral vacuum ready
Pad BrakeNoYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityNoYes
Warranty1 year1 year

Verdict: Which is the Better Sander?

So which comes out on top – the Mirka DEROS 650CV or 5650CV?

Here is a quick summary:

Mirka DEROS 650CV

✔️ Lower price

✔️ Includes interface pad

✔️ Fixed orbit for targeted sanding

Mirka DEROS 5650CV

✔️ Integrated connectivity & app

✔️ Random orbit for smooth finish

✔️ Lighter without accessories

For most users, the DEROS 5650CV is the better overall choice thanks to its:

  • Smoother random orbit sanding
  • Smart features and app connectivity
  • Lighter bare tool weight

It provides professional capabilities in a compact versatile package.

However, the 650CV is a worthwhile alternative if you:

  • Primarily do more aggressive sanding of defects
  • Prefer the lower price without accessories

So consider your needs, budget, and which features matter most to make the right choice! Either sander will provide top-level Mirka quality and performance.


While the Mirka DEROS 650CV and 5650CV share core features and capabilities, they have some key differences in orbit type, smart connectivity, included accessories, and pricing.

For most professional users, the 5650CV is the superior choice thanks to its integrated app, customizable performance, random orbit sanding action, and light bare tool weight.

But the 650CV is still an excellent sander in its own right – especially if you want to save money upfront and prefer a fixed orbit for more targeted sanding.

Hopefully this detailed comparison has provided insight into choosing the best Mirka DEROS model for your work. Both sanders uphold Mirka’s reputation for ergonomic, high-performing finishing tools.