Mirka DEROS 650CV Review [2023]

The Mirka DEROS 650CV is a powerful and versatile random orbital sander designed for professional use. With variable speed control, low vibration levels, and dust extraction compatibility, it’s a great option for auto body shops, collision repair technicians, or anyone looking for professional-grade sanding performance. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the features, ergonomics, dust collection, and overall performance of the Mirka DEROS 650CV to see how it stacks up for professional use.

Overview of the Mirka DEROS 650CV

The Mirka DEROS 650CV is an electric random orbital sander that uses a 5 mm orbit. It has a powerful 350W motor that provides a variable speed range from 4000 to 10,000 RPM. The 650CV model comes with an electric speed control dial that makes it easy to adjust the speed for different sanding needs.

Some key features and specs of the Mirka DEROS 650CV include:

  • 350W power input – Provides plenty of power for efficient stock removal
  • Speed range of 4000-10,000 RPM – Variable speed control for fine finishing or aggressive sanding
  • 5mm orbit – Provides a nice balance of stock removal and finish quality
  • 150mm pad size – Compatible with common 150mm sanding discs
  • Low vibration level of 3.4 m/s2 – Reduces fatigue during extended use
  • Noise level of 71 dB – Comparable to other sanders in its class
  • Central vacuum compatibility – Works with dust extractors for a cleaner workspace
  • Weighs just 1.07kg – Reduces user fatigue during extended use
  • Plastic carry case included – For protected storage and transportation

With these features and specs, the Mirka DEROS 650CV is positioned as a sander suitable for professional workshops, body shops, fabrication, woodworking, and general sanding applications. The variable speed gives users flexibility in agressiveness and finish quality, while the low vibration and noise levels improve the overall user experience.

Ergonomics and Comfort of Use

One of the standout features of the Mirka DEROS 650CV is its excellent ergonomics and comfortable design. Weighing just 1.07kg, it’s very lightweight for a professional sander, which helps reduce fatigue during extended use. The slim body design allows for easy grip and maneuverability when sanding different contours and surfaces.

The sander has a well-balanced feel and the smooth rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold, even when using gloves. The hand arm vibration level of 3.4 m/s2 is low for this class of sander, which further reduces strain on the hands and arms during prolonged use.

Users mention that the sander feels very smooth when running, with minimal torque or kickback. This allows you to focus on smooth consistent sanding rather than fighting the tool. The variable speed dial allows easy speed adjustments on the fly with just your thumb.

Overall, the exceptional ergonomics and balance of the Mirka DEROS 650CV make it one of the most comfortable sanders in its class for extended professional use. The low vibration, great balance, and smooth operation come together to provide a very pleasant and fatigue-reducing user experience.

Dust Collection Performance

Efficient dust extraction is crucial for any professional sander, and the Mirka DEROS 650CV is designed to pair with dust extractors for superior dust pickup.

It features a centralized dust port that allows it to quickly connect to a vacuum hose or extractor like the Mirka Dust Extractor. The 650CV has an open design underneath that maximizes airflow and dust pickup efficiency when paired with the proper extraction.

Users report excellent dust extraction capabilities when using the sander with a shop vacuum or dedicated dust extractor. The large port also fits standard sized hoses so you can use your existing dust collection setup. Dust collection bags remain clear and minimal dust escapes during use.

The centralized port also helps maintain the balanced feel of the sander, since the hose attachment point is near the body rather than on top. This lets you keep the sander comfortably under control even when connected to a vacuum.

With proper dust extraction, the Mirka DEROS delivers very clean, low-dust operation. This helps keep your work environment clean and reduces cleanup time when changing abrasives. The efficient dust pickup also extends the life of sandpaper by keeping it from clogging quickly.

Sanding Disc Performance

The Mirka DEROS 650CV uses a standard 150mm sanding disc size, giving you flexibility in abrasive brands and grits. From 40 grit to 2500 grit, you can use your preferred abrasives to get the desired level of finish.

The 150mm pad has ample surface area for efficient sanding, while still being nimble enough for detailed work. Mirka offers their own Abranet and Abranet Ace sanding discs that are specifically designed for dust extraction. These help maximize dust pickup through the perforations while delivering smooth efficient abrasion.

The 5mm orbit of the DEROS 650CV leaves a nice uniform scratch pattern that responds well to the action of the rotating sanding disc. It provides a good balance of swirl mark removal while still being small enough to leave a refined finish.

Users mention the pad holds abrasives firmly without slippage or edge rounding. The interface seems well matched to common sandpapers and discs from Mirka, 3M, Norton and others. With quality abrasives, the sander leaves surfaces with minimal swirl marks and even scratch patterns.

Overall, the Mirka DEROS 650CV pad performs very well with quality discs. The standard size gives you many abrasive options, while still being optimized for dust extraction when using Mirka’s perforated discs.

Power and Speed Range

With its 350W motor, the Mirka DEROS 650CV provides ample power for efficient sanding and finishing. From bare wood to paint and primer, it has muscle for material removal jobs when needed.

The speed is adjustable from 4000 to 10,000 RPM using the easy-access speed dial. This gives you flexibility for both coarse sanding and fine polishing needs.

  • The lower speeds around 4000-6000 RPM are ideal for final finish sanding where you need more control and less heat buildup. This allows smoother, swirl-free finishing on delicate surfaces.
  • The mid-range speeds 6000-8000 RPM offer a good balance of stock removal and finish quality on most surfaces. This makes a nice general purpose setting.
  • At the top speeds of 8000-10,000 RPM, the sander becomes quite aggressive and efficient at removing material. This high speed range is great for paint, primer, bare wood or metal needing heavy cut work.

The variable speed dial makes it fast and simple to adjust the speed for your particular job. For example, starting high for leveling work before dialing back to finish. The speed adjustment combined with the right grit abrasive gives you flexibility for all sanding needs.

For most users, the 350W motor provides more than enough power for any professional sanding task. The DEROS has ample torque and material removal rate for fast work without bogging down. Vibration remains low even when pressed hard at top speeds.

Sanding Performance

With its sturdy construction and 350W motor, the Mirka DEROS 650CV performs aggressively when needed for major stock removal. The high end RPM range lets it power through paint, gel coat, wood, filler materials and more with excellent efficiency. Many pro users mention it has more than enough power for any daily sanding needs.

Despite the aggressiveness, the low vibration levels and smoothness of the sander allow it to also excel at final finish work. Users mention exceptional performance when finishing delicate surfaces like fine furniture, composite materials, fiberglass and more.

The variable speed gives flexibility, and paired with proper grits it leaves minimal swirl marks. Surface finishes are left smooth and uniform when using it “in its happy place” around 6000 RPM with fine grits.

For day-long body shop work, technicians appreciate how the low vibration reduces fatigue compared to other pro Sanders. The ergonomics and smooth operation allow extended use when performing tasks like wetsanding body filler.

For woodworkers and cabinet makers, the DEROS 650CV efficiently powers through stock removal on edges and broad surfaces. The quick connect vacuum also helps maintain a clean workspace with minimal dust.

Auto and marine painters get great results wet sanding primer coats to achieve a smooth base before paint. And the easy grip and slim design allows detailing in tight or confined spaces.

Overall, the sander performs excellently across a wide range of professional needs from raw stock removal to swirl-free finishing. Users agree it’s a versatile sander that works well on almost any material.


The Mirka DEROS 650CV has a reputation for being a highly durable and reliable sander even under heavy daily use. The ventilated plastic housing feels rigid and solid despite the sander’s light weight.

Critical components like the bearings and brushes are high quality, providing long service life even under constant professional use. The textured rubber grip also resists wear and tear far better than smoother plastic.

With proper care and maintenance, most users report the Deros providing many years of reliable service without issues. Individual components are readily replaceable if needed, but the sander seems to withstand the rigors of daily professional work without problems.

The dust extraction system maintains efficient suction and avoids clogging with proper filter cleaning and maintenance. Used with care and paired with a quality vacuum, the sealed system stays dust-free inside.

For those working in demanding body shop environments, the Mirka DEROS proves to be a highly durable and reliable sander that withstands constant use. Technicians find it a worthy investment delivering years of productivity.

Vibration Levels

A key feature of the Mirka DEROS 650CV is its low vibration level of just 3.4 m/s2. This is exceptionally low for a sander with an aggressive 5mm orbit and 350W motor.

The low vibration reduces fatigue on the hands and arms during extended sanding jobs. Users mention the low vibration is a major factor in being able to use the sander comfortably for long periods.

Technicians coming from other pro-grade sanders notice a significant difference in the vibration produced by the Mirka. It allows extended sanding time without painful tingling or numbness in the hands that some other models can cause.

Besides user comfort, the low vibration provides a more controlled sanding experience. With less shaking and bouncing, it’s easier to maintain consistent pressure and smooth strokes. This leads to a more uniform scratch pattern and smoother finish.

Maintaining such low vibration required careful engineering by Mirka. The balanced motor, precision components, and isolated handles suppress vibration extremely well without affecting power.

Overall, the exceptionally low 3.4 m/s2 vibration level gives the Mirka DEROS 650CV a clear advantage over competitors when it comes to user comfort and control. Your hands will thank you after a full day of sanding.

Noise Levels

In addition to low vibration, the Mirka DEROS 650CV produces a modest noise level of just 71 dB. For a 350W orbital sander, this is quieter than many competing models.

While not silent, the 71 dB operating volume means the sander won’t drown out conversation or become overbearing during extended use. In a busy shop, you’ll barely notice it above other ambient noise. This makes communication easier and reduces fatigue versus louder tools.

The smooth operation, internal sound insulation, and quality components all contribute to the lower noise levels. While pitched aggressively at 10,000 RPM, the sander still avoids excessive motor and mechanical noise even under load.

For situations demanding hearing protection, the Mirka DEROS 650CV produces low enough sound that many users can get by with basic ear plugs rather than headphones or muffs. And the lower noise levels are certainly welcomed by anyone working near you!

Size and Maneuverability

Weighing just 1.07kg and measuring only 143mm in height, the Mirka DEROS 650CV is exceptionally compact and nimble for a professional 350W sander.

The small size allows accessing tight spaces and working in confined areas. Technicians can sand down into pockets and along edges that are unreachable with a full size sander.

The easy one-handed grip also aids maneuverability when sanding door jambs, bumpers, frame rails and other contoured areas. The compact head size provides excellent sight lines to see the sanding surface.

Despite the small size, the DEROS 650CV still feels nicely balanced and smooth thanks to its solid construction. It doesn’t feel overly bulky or tiring to hold like some heavier pro sanders.

Between the size, grip, and low vibration, the Mirka allows extended one-handed use and detailed sanding without quickly becoming fatiguing. You can tackle constricted areas and focus on hard-to-reach crevices that are difficult with a larger tool.

Ease of Use

Several design factors make the Mirka DEROS 650CV very straightforward and intuitive to use for anyone familiar with random orbital sanders.

  • The variable speed dial provides simple speed control with just a thumb.
  • The dust extraction port uses a standard hose size that fits common shop vac hoses.
  • The electric speed control means no air hookups to mess with. Just plug it in and go.
  • The well-balanced and ergonomic design allow comfortable one-handed use without tiring easily.
  • The low noise and vibration keep the sander pleasant to use for extended periods.
  • The compact size and sight lines give excellent visibility to the sanding surface.

Between these factors, most users find the Mirka comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free to use. With a basic understanding of sanding techniques and some experience, anyone can get great results with a shallow learning curve. It’s a professional grade tool without being overly complicated.

For those switching from pneumatic sanders, the lack of air hookups makes the DEROS simpler to use in any location. Just pair it with a good dust extractor and it’s ready to go anytime.

Overall, the Mirka DEROS 650CV delivers accessible performance for everyone from DIYers to bodyshop pros looking to upgrade to an electric sander.

Cost Effectiveness & Value

With a street price around $150-200, the Mirka DEROS 650CV sits at the higher end of random orbital sanders aimed at professional use. However, this price tag is justified by the tool’s quality engineering, versatility, and durability.

The robust construction, sealed components, and replaceable brushes allow the sander to withstand years of daily professional use. Technicians find it maintains performance and avoids breaking down far longer than cheaper alternatives.

By reducing vibration and user fatigue, the Mirka improves productivity and work quality during long sanding jobs. And the variable speed paired with efficient dust extraction saves time switching discs and cleaning up.

While the upfront cost exceeds casual DIY sanders, the Mirka DEROS 650CV pays dividends over time for anyone doing regular large-scale sanding. Given its working life span of 5+ years under constant use, it’s an excellent value for professional shops.

The 650CV also costs considerably less than other premium European electric sanders like Festool. Yet it matches them in engineering and durability while providing equivalent performance. This makes the Mirka a more cost effective option for quality-conscious buyers.

For professionals seeking an efficient, ergonomic sander with commercial durability, the Mirka DEROS 650CV delivers excellent value at its price point. The combination of performance, build quality, and usability justify the investment for regular users.

Availability of Parts & Accessories

While built for durability, the Mirka DEROS 650CV uses common replaceable parts that are readily available if repairs are needed. Brushes, bearings, and other internal components can be sourced online or via power tool repair shops.

Exterior parts like the plastic housing, backing pad, and rubber grip are replaceable as well. So if any components become worn or damaged after years of use, the sander can be kept operational.

Being a mature model on the market, there is wide availability of compatible Mirka abrasives such as Abranet discs. Various aftermarket sanding discs are also produced by companies like Klingspor. So there’s lots of choice in grits and abrasive types.

Standard shop vacuum hoses can be used for dust extraction given the common hose connector size. So no specialized parts or accessories are needed to keep the dust collection working efficiently.

Overall, the Mirka DEROS 650CV uses widely available generic replacement parts rather than proprietary components. This makes it easy to keep running strong even after heavy long term use.

Recommended Usage

With its proven durability and versatile performance, the Mirka DEROS 650CV is ideally suited for:

  • Auto body professionals – The long runtime, low vibration, and finish quality make the DEROS excellent for body and collision work. The size allows accessing tight spaces like door jambs.
  • Woodworking shops – The sander has the power for major stock removal on wood when paired with coarse grits. Yet still leaves a smooth swirl-free finish.
  • Marine technicians – The sealed construction and smooth variable speed work well for fiberglass and gel coat sanding.
  • Detailing businesses – The ergonomics, low noise, and smooth operation support extended sanding jobs like wetsanding without fatigue.
  • Construction and renovation – Aggressive enough for quick material removal but controlled for fine finish work on various surfaces.
  • Automotive painters – The DEROS prepares body filler and primer coats efficiently. The compact size allows sanding tight spots in engine bays.
  • Metal fabrication – Fast cut action on steel and aluminum when needed, with enough control for final finish.

With proper care and maintenance, the Mirka DEROS 650CV will deliver years of productivity across virtually any professional sanding application. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who sands regularly.

Suitable Materials

The Mirka DEROS 650CV works excellently on a wide variety of materials thanks to its variable speed control and efficient dust extraction.

  • Wood – From raw lumber to fine finishes, the DEROS sands wood smoothly without clogging even with heavy material removal.
  • Plastics – The random orbit action works well on smooth plastics without leaving swirl marks using higher grits.
  • Paint – Aggressively removes paint and primer coats when run at high speeds with coarse paper.
  • Metal – Aluminum, steel, and other metals are no match for the 350W motor when equipped with quality abrasives.
  • Fiberglass – The variable speed allows working gel coat at both high and low RPMs with minimal material buildup in abrasives.
  • Body filler – Efficiently sands body filler and glaze coats to a ultra smooth finish ready for paint.
  • Drywall – Sanding joint compound and drywall is dust-free and fast when paired with a vacuum extractor.
  • Concrete – While not optimized for concrete sanding, the DEROS can work on concrete for shorter jobs when needed.

The DEROS essentially provides enough power, speed range, and dust collection to tackle any common sanding material used by professional trades. Paired with quality abrasives, it reliably grinds through even the toughest coatings and materials with ease.


While a versatile and powerful sander, the Mirka DEROS 650CV does have a few limitations to note:

  • The 5mm orbit doesn’t produce an extremely fine finish on delicate surfaces like a 3mm orbit would. A separate polisher may be preferred for final finishes.
  • The open motor design allows fine dust inside with heavy use. Periodic cleaning is needed to prevent buildup.
  • While quieter than most sanders, it still requires ear protection for very long sanding jobs.
  • Daily professional use shortens the lifespan slightly compared to only occasional hobby use.
  • Dust collection depends heavily on using a quality extractor. A shop vac alone may not pick up fine dust sufficiently.
  • Concrete sanding is possible but tough on the bearings, so the DEROS is better suited for other materials.

While not perfect for every single application, the DEROS still provides excellent performance across a wide range of professional sanding needs. For the limitations, workarounds like using higher grits or an additional polishing tool are easily implemented.

Mirka DEROS Alternatives

Mirka themselves offer other electric sander models with different features and specs:

  • Mirka PROS 650CV – Similar 350W power but with a 3mm orbit for ultra fine finish work.
  • Mirka CEROS – Features a compact triangular head shape for corner access. Dust extraction relies on attach connectors.
  • Mirka LEROS – A wall and ceiling sander with dust shrouds rather than hose connections.

Other brands offering competition in the pro orbital sander category include:

  • Festool ETS EC 150/3 – Exceptional dust collection from Festool but very expensive.
  • Makita BO5041 – Similar power and performance to Mirka DEROS but slightly heavier.
  • Dewalt DWE6423 – A reasonably priced alternative with good dust extraction.

For most buyers, the Mirka DEROS 650CV represents the best blend of power, dust collection, ergonomics, and value in its class. But the above alternatives provide comparable performance if needed.


With its smart engineering and design, the Mirka DEROS 650CV represents one of the most versatile and user-friendly professional grade random orbital sanders available.

The combination of ample power and exceptionally low vibration provide fast stock removal along with comfortable extended runtime. Paired with quality abrasives, it leaves surfaces with minimal swirl marks and uniform scratch patterns.

The variable speed control allows adjusting aggressiveness on the fly to suit any job. And dust collection remains efficient across all speeds when used with a proper extractor.

While carrying a premium price, the Mirka DEROS 650CV delivers premium performance. For auto body technicians, woodworkers, and other professional tradesmen who sand regularly, it’s an investment that pays off in productivity, efficiency, and user comfort over years of daily service.

In a crowded field of professional electric sanders, the Mirka DEROS 650CV stands out as a uniquely refined tool. For anyone who takes their sanding seriously, it deserves strong consideration.