Dewalt VS Grizzly Planers: Best Models Compared!

When it comes to woodworking tools, two of the most popular brands are Dewalt and Grizzly. Both companies make a range of planers that offer great performance for hobbyists and professionals. Here’s an in-depth comparison of Dewalt vs Grizzly planers to help you decide which brand is best for your needs.

Dewalt Planers

Dewalt is known for making high-quality, durable power tools. They offer planers in benchtop, portable, and stationary models to suit different applications. Here are some of the key Dewalt planer options:

DW734 Benchtop Planer

  • Powerful 15 amp, 20,000 RPM motor
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ deep per pass
  • Three-knife cutter head design
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection
  • Cuts boards up to 12″ wide and 6″ thick

The DW734 is an excellent choice for a benchtop thickness planer under $600. It’s capable of fine cuts and has convenient features like automatic carriage lock and extra-long infeed/outfeed tables.

DW735 Benchtop Planer

  • Same great features as the DW734
  • Wider 13″ capacity
  • Two-speed gear box

The DW735 offers a slightly wider planing capacity of 13″, making it a better choice for larger boards. The two-speed gear box gives you more control over cut depth.

DCP586 Cordless Planer

  • Cordless convenience
  • Powered by 20V MAX battery system
  • 10,000 RPM cutting speed
  • Up to 1/8″ max cut depth
  • Automatic cutter head lock

As a cordless model, the DCP586 provides exceptional maneuverability and ease of use. It’s great for job site use or removing stock in tight areas. Just note the max cut depth is less than corded models.

DW735X Stationary Planer

  • Powerful 3 knife cutter head
  • Helical cutter head design
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ per pass
  • Two-speed gear box
  • Integrated mobile base

The DW735X combines the wide planing capacity of the DW735 with a helical cutter head for ultra-smooth finishes. The integrated mobile base makes it easy to move the heavy planer. It’s ideal for professional shops.

Key Dewalt Planer Features

  • Advanced cutter head designs (3 knife, helical)
  • Automatic dust collection
  • Multiple width capacities up to 13″
  • Powerful 15 amp motors
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection
  • Automatic carriage locking

Grizzly Planers

Grizzly is known for affordable shop tools. They offer an extensive range of portable, stationary, and spiralhead planers to choose from. Here are some of Grizzly’s most popular planer models:

G0505 12″ Portable Planer

  • 15 amp motor
  • 2-speed gear box
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ depth
  • Portable – only 34 lbs
  • Fold-down handle and rubber feet

The G0505 is feature-packed for a portable planer. The two-speed gear box improves cutting control and portability is enhanced by the fold-down handle. Great for small jobs and easy storage.

G0452 Benchtop Planer

  • Cuts boards up to 12″ wide
  • 18,800 RPM motor speed
  • 1/8″ max cut depth
  • Fixed cutter head
  • Tall steel stand included

The G0452 is an economical benchtop planer with a generous width capacity. The stand raises the height for comfortable use. A great basic thickness planer for DIYers.

G0831 Commercial Planer

  • 20″ planing width
  • Helical cutter head
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ depth per pass
  • Integrated mobile base
  • Table extensions & dust hood

With a 20″ planing capacity, the G0831 can handle very wide boards with ease. This powerful stationary model is built for commercial use with a helical head and integrated mobile base.

G0453PX Spiral Cutterhead Planer

  • Spiral cutter head for smooth finish
  • 15 amp motor, two-speed gearbox
  • Extra set of drive belts
  • Cuts up to 1/8″ depth per pass
  • Poly-v drive belt system

The G0453PX packs serious performance into a benchtop planer with its spiral cutter head and poly-v drive belt. Great for ensuring smooth, tear-out free surfaces on your boards.

Key Grizzly Planer Features

  • Spiral and helical cutter heads on some models
  • 2-speed gear boxes for control
  • Portable and stationery options
  • Generous width capacities up to 20″
  • Steel stand included on benchtop models
  • Affordable pricing

Now that we’ve compared the planer offerings from Dewalt and Grizzly, let’s look at some key differences between the brands.

Dewalt vs Grizzly Planers Compared

| Features | Dewalt | Grizzly |
| Price | $$$ | $ |
| Power | Higher amp motors | Moderate amp motors |
| Cutting Heads | 3-knife, helical, spiral | Fixed, helical, spiral |
| Width Capacity | Up to 13″ | Up to 20″ |
| Portability | Cordless, portable models | Portable models |
| Materials | Cast iron tables | Steel construction |
| Controls | Digital displays | Manual controls |

Some key things to consider when choosing between Dewalt and Grizzly planers:

  • Budget – Grizzly offers more affordable options good for DIYers. Dewalt planers cost more but are often worth it for frequent use.
  • Cut Quality – Dewalt’s 3-knife and helical cutter heads provide very smooth finishes. Grizzly has some spiralhead options for good cut quality too.
  • Width Capacity – Grizzly has wider planers up to 20″ capacity. Dewalt maxes out at 13″ capacity.
  • Power – Dewalt planers tend to have more powerful motors. This allows faster material removal and cutting hardwoods.
  • Portability – Dewalt offers lightweight portable and cordless models. Grizzly has some portable planers but most are stationery.
  • Durability – Dewalt uses more metal components like cast iron tables. Grizzly uses steel and aluminum construction.
  • Controls – Dewalt planers feature handy digital displays. Grizzly has manual knob controls.

Now let’s do a detailed comparison of two popular planer models – the Dewalt DW735 vs Grizzly G0505:

Dewalt DW735 vs Grizzly G0505

| Features | Dewalt DW735 | Grizzly G0505 |
| Type | Benchtop planer | Portable planer |
| Width Capacity | 13″ | 12″ |
| Cutter Head | 3-knife | Fixed knife |
| Max Depth/Pass | 1/8″ | 1/8″ |
| Power | 15 amp | 15 amp |
| Speeds | 2 | 2 |
| Tables | Cast iron | Aluminum |
| Dust Collection | 2.5″ port | 2.25″ port |
| Price | $599 | $329 |

The DW735 and G0505 have similar 15 amp motors and two-speed gear boxes. The notable differences are:

  • Cut Quality – The DW735 has a 3-knife cutter head for smooth surfaces. The G0505 uses a standard fixed knife.
  • Width Capacity – The DW735 can plane boards up to 13″ wide vs 12″ for the G0505.
  • Portability – The G0505 is lighter weight and has a fold-down handle. The DW735 is a stationery benchtop model.
  • Tables – The DW735 has cast iron tables which resist gouging. The G0505 uses aluminum.
  • Price – There’s a significant price difference with the Dewalt model costing nearly double.

For serious woodworkers doing lots of planing, the DW735 is likely the better investment. It will provide superior cut quality and durability. However the G0505 is a great affordable portable option for DIYers doing occasional work.

Now let’s compare two wider planers – the Dewalt DW735X and Grizzly G0831.

Dewalt DW735X vs Grizzly G0831

| Features | Dewalt DW735X | Grizzly G0831 |
| Type | Stationary planer | Stationary planer |
| Width Capacity | 13″ | 20″ |
| Cutter Head | Helical | Helical |
| Max Depth/Pass | 1/8″ | 1/8″ |
| Power | 15 amp | 15 amp |
| Tables | Cast iron | Steel |
| Base | Integrated mobile | Integrated mobile |
| Price | $925 | $1,175 |

The DW735X and G0831 both feature helical cutter heads for smooth planing. Notable differences include:

  • Width Capacity – The Grizzly G0831 can handle very wide boards up to 20″ across. The Dewalt maxes out at 13″.
  • Tables – The DW735X features cast iron tables vs steel on the G0831. Cast iron resists gouging better.
  • Power – They have equal 15 amp motors but the Dewalt may provide more cutting power.
  • Price – The Grizzly model costs over $200 more than the Dewalt.

The choice here would come down to planing width needs – the Grizzly can handle extremely wide boards thanks to its 20″ capacity. The Dewalt provides heavy duty durability with cast iron tables. Both are excellent stationary planers for professional use.


So which brand – Dewalt or Grizzly – offers the best planers? Here are some recommendations based on key factors:

For DIYers

For home DIY use, Grizzly planers offer excellent value without breaking the bank. Models like the G0505 portable planer or G0452 benchtop thickness planer are very affordable but maintain good power and features.

For Portability

If you need a planer to take between job sites, Dewalt’s DCP586 cordless planer can’t be beat for portability. Grizzly also offers some lightweight portable models like the G0505.

For Cut Quality

Dewalt’s 3-knife and helical cutter head planers like the DW735 provide the best cutting performance and finishes. Grizzly spiralhead models like the G0453PX also produce nice smooth cuts.

For Width Capacity

For planing very wide boards, Grizzly is the winner. Models like the G0831 can handle huge 20″ widths with ease. Even their portable models reach 12″-13″ capacities.

For Durability

Dewalt’s metal construction and cast iron tables help their planers stand up to frequent use very well. Models like the DW735X will maintain accuracy for years thanks to durable components.

For Power

In terms of pure power, Dewalt slightly edges out Grizzly with higher amp motors on average. This power enables fast material removal when planning dense hardwoods.

Final Words

Dewalt and Grizzly both make excellent planers. Grizzly is better for shoppers on a budget looking for good value for money. Dewalt planers cost more but provide outstanding cut quality, durability, and power.

Focus on width capacity, cutter head type, power, and portability to select the right planer for your needs. And consider whether the extra features of Dewalt models justify their higher prices for you.

Both brands make models suitable for hobbyists and professionals. Ensure you choose the correct stationary or portable model for your work environment. And think about cutter head type – the more knives or helical design, the smoother the finish.

With this detailed comparison of Dewalt vs Grizzly planers, you now have all the information to choose the perfect model to take your woodworking projects to the next level. Happy planing!