WEN PL1326 Vs Dewalt DW735 [Reviewed & Compared]

If you’re a woodworker looking to invest in a quality thickness planer, the WEN PL1326 and Dewalt DW735 are two popular options that deserve your attention. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of these planers and explore their key differences to help you make an informed decision for your woodworking projects.

Introduction: The Must-Have Tool for Woodworkers

Thickness planers are an essential tool for most woodworkers, and they are especially valuable for achieving smooth and precise wood planks. Both the WEN PL1326 and Dewalt DW735 offer raw power, but as we dive deeper, we’ll discover how the DW735 takes the lead with its two-speed gearbox and superior dust management.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick overview of the specifications for both planers:

SpecificationWEN PL1326Dewalt DW735
Feed rate26 feet per minute14 feet per minute, 26 feet per minute
Cut accuracyDecent accuracyMore accurate
Dust collectionGoodBetter
Ease of adjustmentsComplex adjustmentsConvenient adjustments
WarrantyTwo years limited warrantyThree-year limited warranty
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive

Feed Rate: Speed and Smoothness

The feed rate is a crucial factor that determines both the speed of lumber planning and the smoothness of the finished wood planks. The Dewalt DW735 stands out in this aspect with its dual-speed motor. This means you have the flexibility to run the DW735 at either 14 feet per minute or 26 feet per minute, depending on whether you prioritize speed or smoothness. On the other hand, the WEN PL1326 only offers a feed rate of 26 feet per minute, limiting your options in this regard.

Cut Accuracy: Precision Matters

When it comes to thickness planers, cut accuracy is paramount. These machines are designed to smooth wooden boards and planks, cutting rough parts to achieve the desired thickness. In live testing, the Dewalt DW735 demonstrated a lower deviation from the cut depth compared to the WEN PL1326, making it the clear winner in this category. If your projects demand super accurate cuts, the Dewalt DW735 is undoubtedly the way to go.

Dust Collection: Keeping Your Workspace Clean

A proper dust collection system is essential for maintaining a clean workspace and avoiding respiratory issues while working. Both the WEN PL1326 and Dewalt DW735 come with dust ports, but the DW735 takes it a step further with its fan-assisted chip ejection system. This innovative feature breaks down wooden debris and efficiently sends it to the floor or a vacuum hose, making it a more effective dust management system compared to the WEN PL1326.

Ease of Adjustments: User-Friendly Features

For woodworkers, especially those with small workshops, ease of adjustment is a critical consideration. The Dewalt DW735 shines in this area, as it offers smoother adjustments compared to the WEN PL1326. The planer table’s accuracy often comes with deviations, but with the DW735, reaching the desired surface level is easier and more convenient. Additionally, the DW735 includes a proper Allen wrench for unscrewing the cutter head and replacing blades, which simplifies maintenance tasks.

Warranty: A Measure of Confidence

Warranty is a vital indicator of a product’s quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability. In this aspect, the WEN PL1326 offers a two-year limited warranty, while the Dewalt DW735 boasts a three-year limited warranty. This longer warranty period with the DW735 speaks volumes about its robust build and reliability.

Price: Balancing Features and Budget

Undoubtedly, price plays a significant role in any purchase decision. The WEN PL1326 is the more budget-friendly option, making it appealing to users seeking a quality planer without breaking the bank. On the other hand, the Dewalt DW735 comes with a higher price tag, but as we’ve explored throughout this comparison, it offers a range of valuable features that justify the investment. If you can afford the extra cost, the Dewalt DW735’s user experience and added benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

Final Words: Choose Wisely

Both the WEN PL1326 and Dewalt DW735 have their strengths, catering to different priorities and preferences of woodworkers. The WEN PL1326 boasts a superior steel base, reducing vibrations and delivering precise cuts. However, the Dewalt DW735 stands out with its ease of control, dual-speed gearbox, and superior dust collection system.

As you decide between these two options, carefully consider your specific woodworking needs and the features that align with your projects. Whether it’s the Dewalt DW735’s accuracy and user-friendly adjustments or the WEN PL1326’s affordability and sturdy build, your choice will ultimately depend on what suits your requirements best. Happy woodworking!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many HP is DW735?
The Dewalt DW735 is equipped with a powerful 2-Hp engine, making it capable of handling any semi-professional woodworking projects with ease.

Is the Dewalt DW735 planer worth it?
Absolutely! The Dewalt DW735 is a true workhorse that’s worth every penny. With its strong 15-Amp, 2 Hp motor and 2-speed gearbox, it transitions from an underpowered planer to a high-performing, portable thickness planer that won’t disappoint.

Does DW735 come with blades installed?
Yes, the Dewalt DW735 comes with three pre-installed blades, and they are not only reversible but also disposable and easy to change.

What is the minimum length of Dewalt planer?
The Dewalt DW735 has a minimum length capacity of 12 inches and can handle a thickness of 1/8″, making it suitable for a wide range of semi-professional woodworking tasks.