Mirka Sander Alternative: $220 Pela ROS090 [Worth It?]

You need a reliable and high-performing random orbital sander for your woodworking projects. The popular Mirka Deros has long been a favorite for pros and hobbyists alike. But at $500, it may be outside your budget.

Luckily, the new Pela ROS090 orbital sander provides a cheaper alternative at just $220. But how does this more affordable competitor compare to the trusted Mirka?

In this in-depth review, we’ll scrutinize the specs, design, features, and real-world performance of both sanders. Read on for a detailed comparison to help you determine if the budget-friendly Pela is the right choice over the premium Mirka for your needs.

Overview of the Pela ROS090 Sander

The Pela ROS090 is a 5″ random orbital sander with a 350W brushless motor. Key specs include:

  • 5mm orbital stroke
  • Speed range from 4000 – 10,000 RPM
  • 150mm backing pad (125mm compatible)
  • Weighs 1.3kg
  • 4m power cord
  • 1 year warranty

It features a simple control panel on top with buttons to turn the sander on/off and adjust the speed. An LCD screen shows the selected speed setting.

The dust extraction port is located in the front. It comes bundled with several common accessories like sandpaper sheets, dust bag, wrenches etc.

At around $220, it’s priced considerably lower than the $500 Mirka Deros. But does it perform as well? Let’s find out…

Build Quality and Design

The Pela ROS090 features an all-black plastic body that seems well put together. There is little flex and all the parts fit tightly with even panel gaps.

The rubberized grip feels comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip. The sander is also well-balanced and doesn’t feel front or rear heavy.

At 1.3kg, it weighs slightly more than the Mirka Deros (1kg). But the additional 300g isn’t very noticeable during use.

Overall, the build quality is quite good for the price. It may not be as refined as the Mirka Deros, but there are no glaring flaws either.

Dust Collection Effectiveness

Effective dust extraction is crucial for a sander. We tested the dust collection on the Pela ROS090 by sanding oak and epoxy boards with 80 grit sandpaper.

It did a decent job of sucking up dust through the front port. Only a light dusting of particles was left behind on the workpiece and surrounding area.

Using a shop vacuum provided stronger suction compared to the included dust bag. So you’ll want to connect it to a vac for best results.

The dust collection seems on par with the Mirka Deros based on other reviews. It captures most of the dust without leaving a big mess.

Performance for Sanding Various Materials

To test everyday sanding performance, we ran the Pela ROS090 through various sanding tasks on oak, pine, epoxy and even metal.

It handled 80 grit sanding on oak exceptionally well. The epoxy coating was removed smoothly and evenly across the surface in just minutes.

On soft pine, it left a very smooth finish without any swirl marks using 120 grit paper. Sanding metal was a bit more challenging due to vibrations, but it still performed adequately.

The 5mm orbital stroke allows aggressive stock removal while minimizing sanding marks. Overall, its sanding abilities match up well against the Mirka Deros for most materials.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The Pela ROS090 is comfortable and easy to operate right out of the box.

Its compact size and ergonomic rubber grip make it easy to hold onto, even when using one-handed. The sander weights just enough to provide good contact pressure on the workpiece without feeling overly heavy.

The simple on/off paddle switch and speed setting buttons are conveniently located on top. Adjusting between different speeds is quick and straightforward.

At max speed (10,000 RPM), it does tend to “dance around” a bit more vs lower speeds. So you have to apply more control when running it fast for extended periods. But this is typical of all ROS sanders.

For most uses, it’s a comfortable and user-friendly sander even for beginners. The learning curve is minimal.

Noise Levels

Due to the high RPM motor, the Pela ROS090 generates a loud whining noise typical of orbital sanders, similar to a shop vacuum.

At lower speeds around 4000-6000 RPM, it runs at about 79-84 dB. The noise increases substantially at max speed (10,000 RPM) upto around 89-95 dB.

Wearing hearing protection is recommended, especially if using for extended periods. The Mirka Deros has comparable noise levels.

Accessories and Features

Here’s a quick rundown of accessories included with the Pela ROS090:

  • 4m rubber power cord
  • 6x sandpaper sheets (80, 120, 180 grit)
  • 2x dust collection bags
  • Wrenches
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Plastic case

It comes ready to use out-of-the-box with essential accessories. The included case is handy for storage and transportation.

It lacks advanced features like an electronic brake or Bluetooth connectivity offered on the Mirka Deros. But it does have a 1 year warranty which provides peace of mind.

Value for Money

At around $220, the Pela ROS090 costs less than half of the $500 Mirka Deros. That’s a significant price difference.

Based on our testing, its performance is on par with the Mirka Deros for most sanding tasks. The build quality, while not as refined, is still decent for the price. And it includes all the basic accessories you need.

Considering its capabilities, the Pela ROS090 provides excellent value at this price point. For DIYers and professionals alike looking for an affordable alternative, it’s certainly worth considering.

You get 90% of the Mirka Deros performance at 50% of the cost, making it a great value-for-money alternative.

Warranty and Reliability

The Pela ROS090 comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. This provides coverage in case of defects or issues.

From customer reviews online, it appears to be quite reliable and most users haven’t reported major problems. As with any power tool, regular maintenance will help extend its usable life.

Only time will tell how durable it is in the long run compared to the Mirka Deros. But so far, there are no glaring red flags regarding its reliability.

Pela ROS090 vs Mirka Deros – Side-by-Side Comparison

Here is a side-by-side overview of the key specs and features of the Pela ROS090 and Mirka Deros:

SpecsPela ROS090Mirka Deros
Orbital Stroke5mm2.5mm
Speed Range4,000 – 10,000 RPM4,000 – 10,000 RPM
Backing Pad Size150mm (125mm optional)150mm
Warranty1 year1 year
Motor Power350W300W
Dust ExtractionVia front portVia rear port
Advanced FeaturesNoneElectronic brake, Bluetooth


So should you consider the Pela ROS090 as an alternative to the Mirka Deros?

If you’re on a tight budget but still want professional sanding results, then absolutely.

The Pela provides performance that matches up well to the Mirka Deros for the majority of sanding tasks. It has a solid build quality and includes useful accessories right out of the box. Most importantly, it costs less than half the price.

There are some compromises – mainly build refinement, advanced features and noise levels. But none that significantly impact its core functionality.

For professional workshops or discerning hobbyists that demand the very best, the Mirka Deros still holds an edge. But for everyone else seeking great performance at an affordable cost, the Pela ROS090 is highly recommended.

It delivers great bang-for-buck and is arguably the best budget-friendly alternative to the Mirka Deros currently available.