DeWalt DW734 Review

Hey there, fellow woodworking enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of the DeWalt DW734, a benchtop thickness planer that promises to revolutionize your woodworking game. Join me on this journey as we explore the nitty-gritty of this powerful tool and discover if it’s truly worth your hard-earned money.

Introducing the DeWalt DW734

At the heart of the DeWalt DW734 lies a 15.0 Amp, 20,000 RPM motor, driving a three-knife cutter head that delivers a staggering 96 cuts per inch. This ensures nothing short of a smooth and professional finish on your lumber. Whether you’re handling cherry, ash, oak, or any other hardwood, this planer has got you covered!

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Taking on the Toughest Tasks

With a 12-1/2-inch width capacity and a 6-inch depth capacity, the DW734 can handle a wide range of materials, making it perfect for various projects. It can effortlessly remove up to 1/8-inch of wood in each pass, saving you valuable time and effort.

Easy Knife Maintenance

Nobody likes dealing with tedious knife changes, right? Well, the DeWalt DW734 comes to the rescue with its disposable, reversible knives, offering 30% more knife life. This means less downtime and more time doing what you love – woodworking!

Stability and Support

Woodworkers know the importance of stability during planing, and the DW734 doesn’t disappoint. The planer boasts 33-1/2 inches of infeed and outfeed tables, providing sturdy support for your materials. Say goodbye to snipe and hello to smooth, even results!

The Pro vs. DIY Dilemma

Now, you might be wondering if the DeWalt DW734 is suitable for professionals or just DIY enthusiasts. Let’s shed some light on this.

DIY Dream Machine

If you’re a passionate DIYer or a homeowner with occasional woodworking projects, the DW734 could be your perfect match. It offers precision and ease of use that will elevate your craft without breaking the bank.

Professional Perspective

For heavy-duty, industrial use, some professionals might seek even more robust options. While the DW734 is powerful, it’s essential to consider the scale and frequency of your projects before making a decision.

What the Woodworking Experts Say

Curious about what the experts have to say? Well, let’s peek into their thoughts on the DeWalt DW734!

Woodwork Made Easy Review

In their comprehensive review, Woodwork Made Easy praises the DW734 for its durability and high-speed steel knives, ensuring long-lasting performance. They also commend the dust collector port, keeping your workspace clean and safe.

Updweller Review

Updweller emphasizes the DW734’s Grade-A manufacturing and affordability, making it a go-to choice for DIY enthusiasts. While it may not suit heavy-duty use, it remains a reliable and popular desktop planer for various projects.

Handyman’s World Review

Handyman’s World hails the DW734 as a powerful and accurate tool, ideal for handling challenging hardwoods. They particularly highlight the 4-column carriage lock, preventing snipe and ensuring precise results.

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

To get the most out of your DeWalt DW734, consider these handy tips:

  • Keep It Sharp: Regularly inspect and sharpen the knives to maintain top-notch performance.
  • Work in Passes: For smoother results, don’t be too aggressive; make multiple passes when planing thick hardwood.
  • Mind the Grain: Always consider the direction of the wood grain to minimize tear-out and ensure clean cuts.

Final Verdict: Is the DeWalt DW734 Worth It?

In conclusion, the DeWalt DW734 is an impressive planer that offers precision, power, and ease of use for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners. Its ability to handle various hardwoods with finesse makes it a valuable addition to any woodworking arsenal.

Remember, while it may not cater to heavy-duty industrial use, the DW734 is more than capable of delivering exceptional results for most woodworking projects.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your woodworking game and bring out the best in your projects, the DeWalt DW734 might just be the planer you’ve been waiting for!

Happy woodworking!