DEWALT 20V MAX Planer Review [2023]

The DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Planer is a cordless, battery-powered hand planer designed to provide smooth, precise, and efficient stock removal for woodworking applications.

Running on DeWalt’s 20V MAX lithium-ion battery system, this brushless planer is built with a high-performance motor to deliver 30000 cuts per minute while maintaining speed under load.

With its portable, compact size weighing just 6.8 lbs, the DCP580B makes it easy to plane boards in place and bring smooth finishing capability to job sites without dealing with cords.

The planer’s aluminum shoe bases also ensure smooth, parallel cuts. Meanwhile, its adjustable depth settings allow for fine-tuning planing tasks.

This in-depth review covers the DCP580B’s key features, performance, design, accessories, pros and cons, ideal usage, and comparable alternatives. Keep reading to learn all about this cordless, precision planer.

Features and Specs

  • Brushless motor: Provides efficient power and maintains high speed under load
  • No-load speed: 15000 RPM
  • Cuts per minute: 30000
  • Cutting width: 3-1/4 inches
  • Max cut depth: 2 mm
  • Depth adjustment: 1/256 inch increments
  • Rebate capacity: 5/64 inches
  • Base: Precision machined aluminum front and rear shoes
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Battery platform: 20V MAX lithium ion
  • Accessories: Guide fence, wrench, user’s guide

Brushless Motor

The DCP580B utilizes a brushless motor rather than a brushed motor. This provides better energy efficiency, increased power, and importantly, the ability to maintain speed when planing pressure is applied. Brushless motors have a longer lifespan as well.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only 6.8 lbs without a battery installed, the DCP580B is designed for easy handling and transport around job sites. The lack of a power cord also aids its portability and ability to plane boards in place.

Adjustable Depth Settings

The depth adjustment knob allows for precise cuts in 1/256 inch increments. This enables fine-tuning the exact amount of material removal needed for a perfectly smooth workpiece.

Aluminum Shoe Base

The front and rear aluminum shoes provide a smooth, stable base that prevents gouging or uneven cuts. This shoe design also ensures that cuts remain parallel across the workpiece.

30,000 Cuts Per Minute

With its high speed brushless motor, the DCP580B achieves 30000 cuts per minute at no load. This allows for very rapid stock removal when needed.

5/64 Max Cut Depth

While not designed for thicknessing like a benchtop planer, the DCP580B can still remove up to 5/64 inches of material in a single pass. This facilitates smooth surfacing of rough sawn lumber or leveling uneven boards.


A retractable kickstand allows the planer to rest on a surface without the cutter head making contact. This prevents accidental damage.

Performance and Handling

Since the DCP580B runs on DeWalt 20V MAX batteries, its cordless functionality provides great mobility around workshops or job sites. Weighing under 7 lbs, it’s relatively comfortable for prolonged use without excessive fatigue.

The brushless motor provides strong cutting power, while the high quality aluminum base keeps the planer steady for smooth cuts. The depth adjustment knob allows for very precise fine-tuning of the cutting depth.

In terms of cutting performance, users report the DCP580B leaves a nice smooth finish on edges and boards. Cutting western red cedar, pine, oak, and other common woods all seem to work well with minimal tear-out. The 30,000 cuts per minute provides very fast removal of material if needed.

The location of the power button towards the rear of the planer makes it unlikely to accidentally turn on when carrying. Some users install a blade guard for added safety when not in use. An LED light illuminates the work area.

Overall, the performance and handling of the DCP580B makes it an excellent portable planer for fine woodworking and general home use. The power of the 20V battery platform provides the muscle for all common planing tasks.

Design and Build Quality

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the DCP580B’s design elements and overall construction:

  • Housing – Made from durable plastic able to withstand job site abuse. Rubberized overmold grip aids comfort.
  • Shoe Bases – Machined aluminum provides stiff, flat base for smooth planing on any surface.
  • Cutter Head – Stainless steel design with extra room for storing replacement blades. HSS blades included.
  • Depth Knob – Large, easy to grip depth adjustment knob with precise 1/256″ increments.
  • Battery Platform – Uses any 20V MAX DeWalt battery. No battery included. Fits batteries up to 5Ah.
  • Motor – Efficient, high-torque brushless motor maintains speed under load.
  • Weight – Lightweight at 6.8 lbs for a planer. Provides good balance and easy control.
  • Kickstand – Flips down when resting tool to prevent damage to cutter head or workpiece.

The DCP580B combines durable, high-quality materials with excellent ergonomics and usability. The rubberized grip, oversized depth adjustment knob, lightweight design, and kickstand demonstrate attention to user needs. Overall build quality is very good, as expected from DeWalt.

Cut Quality

Provided the blades are sharp and set correctly, the DCP580B can produce extremely smooth planed surfaces. The precision aluminum base prevents snipe, while the stiffness minimizes chattering. At the full 5/64″ depth of cut, some users notice slightly visible swirl marks from the blade overlapping cuts. But at shallower 1/32″ pass depths, the cut quality is glass smooth.

Using sharp HSS blades seems to produce the best results. While carbide lasts much longer, HSS gives superior cut quality. For cleanest cuts, the workpiece should be secured to prevent any slipping or tear out at board ends. Clamping sacrificial scrap wood at either end is good practice.

While the cut quality may not be as perfect as a heavy stationary planer, for a portable hand planer the DCP580B produces exceptional results. The precision machined base and rigid housing allow taking whisper thin shaving cuts when needed. It excels at smoothening smaller workpieces or removing minor irregularities.

Dust Collection

The DCP580B does not include any built-in dust collection. DeWalt does offer a dust bag accessory that attaches to the planer though. Dust collection results seem mixed. Some users report the dust bag catches about 50% of chips, while others find it nearly useless. Clamping a vacuum hose pickup near the cutter head seems to work much better.

Without dust collection, chips fly everywhere as expected. Safety glasses are a must. The lack of good chip containment limits the DCP580B’s usability indoors somewhat. Enabling dust collection requires an external shop vac.


The DCP580B comes with:

  • Carrying case
  • Hex wrench
  • Guide fence
  • User manual

Optional accessories include:

  • Dust bag
  • 20V MAX batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Edge guide
  • Extra blades

High quality Diablo planer blades help the DCP580B achieve optimal cutting performance. Purchasing at least a couple extra blades for quick changes is recommended.

While batteries and charger are not included, the DCP580B can use any 20V MAX DeWalt battery from compact 1.5Ah up to large 6Ah sizes. High capacity XR batteries provide the longest runtime.


The DCP580B features excellent ergonomics and usability:

  • Rubberized grip aids comfort and control
  • Lightweight at 6.8 lbs provides good balance
  • Low profile design allows seeing workpiece clearly
  • Large depth adjustment knob is easy to turn precisely
  • Power button positioned away from grip to prevent accidental startup
  • LED light illuminates the cutting area
  • Kickstand allows safely resting on surfaces

Between the rubberized grip, low weight, and short length, the DCP580B is comfortable to use for extended periods without excessive hand/arm fatigue. The control scheme is intuitive and well designed. Overall the planer is ergonomically engineered for optimal usability.

Safety Features

While the DCP580B lacks any advanced safety mechanisms, it does include:

  • Power button requiring a sustained press to prevent accidental startup
  • Location of power button away from natural grip area
  • LED light illuminates the cutter and workpiece
  • Kickstand allows resting without blade contacting surfaces
  • Rear handle placement keeps hands away from cutting area

As with any power tool, users must employ basic safety practices when operating this planer:

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Avoid loose clothing
  • Secure workpiece to prevent movement
  • Ensure blade guards and shoes are installed properly
  • Maintain proper stance and grip
  • Keep hands away from cutter head
  • Ensure no obstructions in cutter path
  • Make sure battery is disengaged when inspecting or changing blades

While the DCP580B itself could benefit from a cutter head guard or brake, overall it provides a relatively safe user experience with proper handling. The non-battery-powered nature also reduces risks associated with corded electric tools.


To keep the DCP580B operating at peak performance:

  • Blow out dust – Use compressed air to periodically clear dust from the motor.
  • Check shoe soles – Replace shoes if they become gouged or uneven.
  • Inspect cutter – Check blades for chips/cracks and replace as needed.
  • Apply wax – Waxing the shoe bottoms helps them glide smoothly across wood.
  • Check connections – Ensure battery pack connections stay clean and debris-free.
  • Clean vents – Use a brush to remove accumulated chips from the motor vents.

Other than inspecting and replacing blades as needed, the DCP580B requires minimal maintenance thanks to its brushless motor and robust aluminum construction. Keeping it free of sawdust buildup helps ensure optimal performance.

Battery Performance

With no battery included, the DCP580B accommodates any DeWalt 20V MAX battery from compact 1.5Ah sizes up to large 6.0Ah packs. The larger 5Ah and 6Ah batteries provide the longest runtime of course, but even a 2Ah battery should plane a reasonable amount of material between charges.

Exact battery life depends on the cutting depth and density of material being planed. Heavier cuts and hardwoods will drain packs faster than light skimming cuts on softwoods. Most users can expect somewhere around 15-30 minutes of actual runtime from a decent 3Ah+ battery.

Having 1-2 backup batteries on hand helps keep the planer running with minimal down time. The DCP580B’s tool only design gives buyers the flexibility to use existing 20V batteries or purchase specifically sized packs a la carte.

Size and Weight

The DCP580B measures approximately 13.5″ long by 8″ wide by 9″ tall. It weighs 6.8 lbs without a battery installed. The compact size paired with low weight makes this one of the most portable and maneuverable hand planers available. It’s easy to use the DCP580B on top of large workpieces thanks to its small footprint.

Despite its light weight, the aluminum base keeps the planer stable and free of vibration or chatter during operation. The size and weight strike an ideal balance for a planer focused on mobility and ease of handling.


This planer has an MSRP of $249 for the tool only. However, on Amazon it currently sells for $81 – a 67% discount off MSRP.

The optional kit including a 2Ah battery sells for $177. So purchasing the tool only and using existing batteries saves quite a bit.

Extra batteries range from $40 (2Ah) up to around $100 for the 6Ah packs. So building a 2 battery system costs $160-$240 total – still less than many competing planers.

At around $80-$90 for just the bare tool, the DCP580B provides excellent value given its performance. The brushless motor and 20V battery power command a premium, but worth it for serious DIYers.


The DCP580B occupies a somewhat unique niche as a professional-grade cordless planer. But here are some alternatives worth considering:

Benchtop Thickness Planers

  • DEWALT DW735 13″ Planer
  • Cutech 40200H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Planer
  • Makita 2012NB 12″ Thickness Planer

Corded Hand Planers

  • Makita KP0800K 3-1/4″ Planer
  • PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer
  • Cutech 41262-CT Power Hand Planer

Cordless Planers

  • Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless Planer
  • PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Planer
  • Triton TPCP550 3-1/4″ Cordless Planer

For serious thicknessing work, a benchtop planer remains the best option. Corded hand planers provide unlimited runtime at a lower cost. But the DCP580B competes well against other cordless models with its pro-level power and cut quality.

Recommended Uses

The lightweight, compact DCP580B excels at:

  • Quickly chamfering board edges
  • Smoothing and squaring rough lumber
  • Leveling uneven boards in place
  • Fitting tight joints (e.g. miters)
  • Trimming doors and panels for proper fit
  • Removing surface defects or irregularities

It provides the power of a corded planer but with total freedom of movement. The lack of a cord enables planning boards right in position rather than moving them to a work table or planer. For fine woodworking and finish carpentry, the DCP580B delivers fast, consistent performance.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Brushless motor maintains speed under load
  • Provides very smooth cut quality
  • Excellent handling and ergonomics
  • Up to 5/64″ cut depth
  • Precise depth adjustment in 1/256″ increments
  • Aluminum base for stability and parallel cuts
  • Low noise level for a planer
  • DeWalt quality and durability
  • Kickstand prevents damage when resting


  • No built-in dust collection
  • Battery not included
  • HSS blades can’t be sharpened like carbide
  • No safety guard for blade

Our Verdict

If you frequently need to smoothly plane boards and edges on a job site or in a small workshop, the DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Planer delivers outstanding performance. The combination of cordless freedom, lightweight handling, smooth cuts, and adjustable precision make it incredibly versatile across many planing tasks. This compact powerhouse planes through wood efficiently thanks to its high speed brushless motor.

While dust collection is mediocre and the lack of a battery adds cost, the DCP580B’s strengths far outweigh its drawbacks. For anyone who needs professional-grade planing capabilities in a highly portable package, this ruggedly built cordless planer is a price well worth paying. DEWALT’s proven excellence results in a planer that makes quick work of tasks that used to require much sanding or manual hand planes.

Overall, the DCP580B deserves our recommendation as a both powerful and ergonomic cordless planer suitable for fine carpentry and finish work. It earns top marks for cutting performance, handling, adjustability, and thoughtful design. This planer takes maximum advantage of the 20V MAX battery system’s capabilities.