Best Time To Buy A Planer? [Secrets Revealed!]

Buying a new planer can be an exciting purchase for any woodworker or carpenter. However, these powerful tools can also be quite an investment. Determining the right time to buy a planer is important to get the best deal while still meeting your woodworking needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the factors to consider when deciding the best time to invest in a new planer.

Key Takeaways

Here are 5 key takeaways on the best time to buy a planer:

1. Buy in the off-season – The fall and winter months see more sales, discounts, and used equipment availability as construction slows down.

2. Shop holiday weekends – Major holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day are reliable times to find promotions on planers.

3. Consider used deals – The spring and summer allow you to score great used planer deals from contractors upgrading equipment.

4. Order early for custom jobs – If you need a specialty planer for an upcoming job, order well in advance to ensure availability.

5. Compare financing – Having financing ready allows you to take advantage of payment promotions during peak sale events.

Types of Planers

Before deciding when to buy, it’s helpful to understand the different types of planers available:

Benchtop Planers

  • Compact and portable
  • Best for small workshops or occasional use
  • Limited range of board widths/capacities

Floor Standing Planers

  • Larger capacity and power
  • Sturdier build and stability
  • Better for frequent use and wide boards
  • More expensive than benchtop models

Thickness Planers

  • Plan and flatten rough lumber to consistent thickness
  • Motor-driven cutterhead rotates at high speed
  • Feed boards through on conveyor belt/rollers


  • Combines jointer and planer in one machine
  • Allows jointing one face and planing thickness in one pass
  • More expensive but takes less space than two separate machines
The Best Months To Buy A Planer

Seasonal Considerations

The time of year you buy can impact price and availability of planers. Here are some seasonal factors to keep in mind:


  • Slow season for construction leads to sales and discounts on planers
  • Good time to find used/refurbished deals from contractors upgrading equipment
  • Limited availability of new models if not in stock – long lead times for orders
  • Chance of supply chain or shipping delays due to weather/holidays


  • Peak season means fewer sales and limited inventory on new planers
  • High demand from contractors ramping up for construction season
  • New model releases and innovations announced at industry expos
  • Good time to buy if you need it for a summer project

Holiday Weekends

Major holiday weekends like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day can offer excellent planer deals:

  • Retailers advertise major sales events and clearances
  • Deep discounts offered to compete with other stores
  • Great time to buy floor models, overstock, or lightly used planers
  • Act fast before supplies sell out

Year-End Clearance Sales

  • Black Friday through New Year’s sees massive markdowns by retailers
  • Old models discounted to make way for new inventory
  • Take advantage even if you have to wait a few months to use it
  • Be ready to act fast – deepest discounts on first come basis

New vs Used Planers

The choice between new or used planers also impacts the ideal buying time:

New Planers

  • Buy in off-season or sales for best price on current models
  • Custom order several months prior if specific model is needed
  • Avoid peak season unless urgent need – limited selection and deals

Used Planers

  • Peak season best for great deals from equipment upgrades
  • Check classifieds, auctions, estate sales in spring & summer
  • Have pros thoroughly inspect prior to purchase
  • May need repairs – buy well ahead of when needed

Financial Considerations

Your financial situation may determine when the optimal time is to add a planer:

  • Tax refund season – splurge on an upgrade with your refund
  • Annual work bonus – use extra annual income for major purchase
  • Just finished big project – reinvest earnings from large job
  • Low debt and great credit – take advantage with financing promos
  • Slow season for business – invest in equipment to improve capabilities

Purpose and Urgency

The reason you need a planer can dictate the target timing:

  • Specific upcoming project – buy around project timeline
  • Expanding capabilities – buy when finances allow vs urgency
  • Replacing broken planer – buy whenever needed for operations
  • Earning business contracts – acquire equipment as required by clients
  • Hobbyist woodworking – follow sales and seasonal deals

Action Steps

To decide the best time to buy a planer:

  • Determine the type of planer you need based on work volume, space, and budget
  • Follow seasonal sales trends – buy in fall/winter or holiday weekends for deals
  • Set up alerts for used listings to jump on off-season deals
  • Research prices over time and upcoming sales events so you can act quickly
  • Compare financing offers so you’re ready when the best payment promotion arises
  • Factor in any tax refunds, bonuses, or incoming payments from projects to finance the purchase
  • Allow extra lead time if ordering a custom configuration

With the right timing and preparation, you can invest in a planer that fits your woodworking needs and budget. Consider all the buying factors in this guide to determine the prime opportunity to make your next planer purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy a planer in the spring or fall?

For the best deals, fall and winter are ideal times to buy a planer due to slower construction season and more sales and clearances. Spring and summer see higher demand and prices, but more selection of new models.

When do planer manufacturers release new models?

Most major planer brands showcase upcoming models and innovations at industry trade shows early in the year. New models then release over the spring and summer months in time for peak construction season.

What are the best months to buy used planers?

Used planers can be found at great values in late fall and winter as construction companies look to sell or upgrade equipment before the end of the tax year. Estate sales are also a good source during less busy seasons.

When do most planer sales happen?

Major holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are prized times for planer sales. Black Friday through the end of the year also sees major discounts by retailers looking to clear older inventory.

Should I buy a planer on credit or save up to pay cash?

Paying cash allows you to take advantage of sales and avoid interest costs. But financing at low promotional rates can make sense if buying during peak season or you need the planer for immediate business use.

As you can see, the ideal timing to buy a planer depends greatly on your needs, budget, and ability to take advantage of seasonal sales trends. Follow the tips outlined here to purchase the right planer at the best value for your woodworking. Let us know if you have any other questions!