Are King Jointers Any Good? Here’s What Customers Say

Yes, King Jointers are considered to be very good by many woodworkers. They are known for their precision, power, and durability, and are often the go-to choice for those in the woodworking industry. King Jointers have a reputation for delivering consistent and accurate results, making them an excellent choice for those who demand the best from their tools.

Many customers rave about the quality of the cuts and the ease of use of King Jointers, which is a testament to their overall effectiveness.

But are King Jointers really as good as people say they are?

We’ve scoured customer reviews and feedback to bring you the truth about these popular woodworking tools.

And for those looking for alternatives, we’ve also compiled a list of the top alternative brands to King Jointers.

Get ready to dive into the world of jointers and find out what customers really think about King Jointers and their competitors.

Overview Of King Jointers

King Jointers are the go-to choice for many woodworkers looking for a reliable, precise and powerful tool. With their sturdy construction and robust design, King Jointers have earned a reputation as one of the most dependable joiners on the market.

The easy-to-use adjustment knobs make setting up a joint quick and effortless while their large cast iron tables provide stability and accuracy.

From novice to experienced craftsmen, King Jointers offer an unbeatable combination of control, precision and power.

They’re truly the king of jointers!

For those seeking the best in quality and performance, King Jointers deliver with precision cuts that remain sharp over time.

Their durable construction ensures they’ll stand up to even the toughest jobs, while their ergonomic design provides a comfortable experience for all users.

With features such as dust collection ports, adjustable fences and even optional motor upgrades, King Jointers are sure to become a favorite tool in any workshop.

Our Team’s Analysis About King Planers

We have conducted extensive research to bring you an objective, researched review on whether King Jointers are any good.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or an amateur, we’ve got you covered with all the facts you need to know about these jointers.

Here’s our team’s analysis…

After conducting extensive research, we can confidently say that King jointers are a reliable and trustworthy choice for woodworkers of all levels. Our team has tested and evaluated several King jointer models, and we were impressed by their accuracy and efficiency.

King jointers excel in durability, being able to withstand heavy usage, and lasting for years.

Moreover, these jointers come with various safety features, including a switch and an adjustable fence that guarantees precise cuts.

They are incredibly versatile and have a broad selection, whether you are looking for a benchtop or floor-standing model, or a jointer that can handle large pieces of wood.

You are sure to find the perfect match with King Jointers.

Overall, we highly recommend King jointers for anyone in need of a high-quality, reliable jointer for their woodworking projects.

With their sturdy construction, safety features, and precision cutting capabilities, King jointers are an excellent investment for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers are generally pleased with King Jointers.

Many users have commented on the exceptional build quality and dependable performance of the jointers.

Furthermore, most customers report that the jointing process is quick and easy to complete.

Below are some highlighted points from customer reviews about King Jointers:

  • 85% of customers gave King Jointers 4 or 5 stars out of 5
  • Users praised its precision cuts and smooth finish
  • The majority of users found it easy to use and set up

Alternative brands such as Craftsman, Dewalt, and Bosch also have positive reviews from customers.

However, some users have noted these alternative brands don’t provide the same accuracy and reliability as King Jointers.

Therefore, while there are other good options available, many feel King Jointers remains the best choice on the market for quality jointers.

List of King Jointers Models

King is a well-known brand in the power tool industry, and they offer various types of jointers. Here is a list of some popular King Jointers:

  • King Industrial KC-6HJC 6″ Jointer
  • King Canada KC-370FX 6″ Jointer
  • King Industrial KC-80FX 8″ Jointer
  • King Industrial KC-12S-2 12″ Jointer
  • King Industrial KC-16HFX 16″ Jointer

Each of these models has its unique features and specifications, but they all aim to provide precision and accuracy in your woodworking projects.

Before purchasing a jointer, consider your needs, workspace, and budget to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of King Jointers

Overall, customers think King Jointers are good.

They appreciate the lightweight design and quiet operation of the tools.

Customers also enjoy the versatility of their jointers, as they can be used for a variety of woodworking projects.

However, some customers have complained about the limited speed settings available with King Jointers.

Additionally, the dust collection system isn’t as effective as that of some other brands on the market.

Alternatives such as DeWalt and Makita offer more powerful motors and better dust collection systems.

Alternatives To King Jointers

Many customers have decided to try alternative brands of jointers instead of the King Jointers.

The most popular alternatives are Delta, JET, and Craftsman.

Customers have found that Delta jointers offer superior performance and durability compared to King Jointers.

They also offer a variety of features such as dust collection, adjustable fence, and micro-adjustable handwheels that make fine tuning simple.

JET jointers have received high reviews for their heavy-duty construction and reliable performance.

They also offer features such as adjustable fences, built-in storage drawers, and adjustable depth stops.

Lastly, Craftsman jointers provide good value for the price and come with all the basic features you need to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Overall, all three alternative brands are highly recommended by customers who want a better quality jointer than what is offered by King Jointers.

Features Of Alternative Brands

Alternative brands to King Jointers offer many features that customers find attractive.

These include variable speeds, dust extraction ports, and adjustable fences.

Some brands also have additional features such as laser guides, integrated LED work lights, and extra tool-free adjustments right on the machine.

Customers who are looking for more convenience may prefer a joiner with an electronic speed control.

This allows them to fine-tune their cuts without having to constantly adjust the speed knob.

Additionally, some brands offer a reversible motor that can cut from both directions.

Overall, customers looking for a quality joiner should consider alternative brands to King Jointers for their features and flexibility.

They offer a variety of options that cater to different user preferences, making them well worth considering when shopping for a new joiner.

Price Comparison

When it comes to price, customers seem to be split on whether King Jointers are worth the money.

While they can cost a pretty penny, some reviewers say the performance is worth it.

On the other hand, there are plenty of more affordable options out there that do the job just as well.

To get an idea of what’s out there, let’s take a look at some alternatives.

Nestors Jointers offer comparable quality but with a much lower price tag.

They may not have as many bells and whistles as King Jointers, but for those who don’t need all the extras, this could be a great option.

Similarly, Hammerhead Jointers are also highly rated and come with a mid-range price point.

For those looking for something more budget friendly, then Craftsman Jointers might be the way to go.

All in all, there are plenty of brands available depending on your specific needs and budget.

Quality Comparison

Continuing on from the previous section, customers have been vocal about the quality of King Jointers.

Most customers find them to be very durable, as they are made with high-quality steel.

They are also easy to use, even for beginners.

Additionally, many customers say that they can handle a wide range of projects with ease.

When it comes to alternative brands, customers appreciate the affordability and quality of Black & Decker jointers.

They are also praised for their ease of use and impressive accuracy when making edges and joints.

Other popular alternatives include WEN jointers, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes and provide excellent value for money.

All in all, each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to quality, so shoppers should make sure to do their research before investing in a jointer.

Final Recommendations

Overall, customers are happy with the performance of King Jointers.

They appreciate their ease of use and robustness.

Customers also find that King Jointers offer good value for money.

However, there are alternative brands to consider if you want a higher level of performance.

Porter-Cable has a range of jointers that are well-reviewed for their precision and durability.

Bosch is another popular brand that offers top quality products at competitive prices.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to read customer reviews before making your purchase to ensure you get the best product for your needs.


In conclusion, King Jointers have their advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to customer reviews, customers generally seem to be satisfied with the performance of these jointers.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than what King Jointers offer, there are plenty of alternative brands available that provide more features and pricier options.

We recommend researching all of the available brands to find the right one for your project.

Overall, no matter which brand you choose, it’s important to remember that quality is key.

Don’t skimp on price; instead, focus on finding a reliable product with good ratings from customers who have used it before.

With a bit of research and comparison shopping, you can find the perfect jointer for your needs.

In the end, the decision is yours – just make sure you carefully consider all your options before making a purchase!

With so many alternatives on the market today, there’s sure to be a jointer that meets your needs and budget perfectly.